ECV 10 C

Flexible right up to the fork tips - Our most compact high-platform truck with maximum safety
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Battery Capacity85 Ah
Load Capacity1000 kg
Lifting Heightup to 1867 mm
Speed With/Without Load4.5 km/h
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The STILL ECV 10 C is a flexible all-rounder. With a possible lifting height of 1,867mm you can master light stacking tasks with the pedestrian high lift truck or use it as a mobile work table.

You can manoeuvre our most compact high-platform trucks safely and precisely even in narrow working areas. Its handle-optimised drawbar is equally suitable for left-handed and right-handed operators, and thanks to the mono mast you'll always have the best view of the forks. Its maintenance-free battery and built-in charger ensure maximum availability and flexibility.


  • Safe and precise thanks to optimum visibility of the forks via the clear-view mast
  • High turnover of goods thanks to compact dimensions and a small turning radius
  • Ready for action at all times. The built-in charger guarantees optimum availability and decentralised charging
  • No water refilling necessary with maintenance-free 125 Ah lead gel batteries

Technical data

More Information
Battery Capacity85 Ah
Ground Clearance28 mm
Load Capacity1000 kg
Product Weight462 kg
Lifting Heightup to 1867 mm
Speed With/Without Load4.5 km/h
Lifting Speed With/Without Load100/170 mm/s
Lowering Speed With/Without Load200/130 mm/s
Heightup to 2290 mm
Fork Width550 mm
Fork Length1150 mm
Turning Radius1337 mm
Total Width800 mm
Total Length1750 mm


  • High turnover of goods thanks to load capacity of up to 1,000kg
  • High storage density thanks to maximum lifting height of up to 3,227mm
  • Highest availability due to built-in charger
  • Best stability due to 4-wheel chassis


  • Fatigue-free operation of all driving, lifting and lowering functions for right-handed and left-handed operators
  • Low steering impact when manoeuvering ensures optimum comfort for the driver


  • The thermo-formed vehicle frame protects the feet of operators and third parties in public areas
  • Lifting height-dependent and speed reduction increases safety 4-wheel chassis ensures optimum stability
  • Maintenance-free batteries protect operator and environment


  • Best view of forks thanks to clear view mast
  • Smooth steering controls ensure total comfort
  • Operation of all driving, lifting and lowering functions without changing grip for right-handed and left-handed operators
  • Battery level indicator: Easy and quick notifications to charge the batteries when needed
  • Gentle handling on uneven ground thanks to tandem rollers


  • Compact front boom dimension enables use in narrow working areas and narrow working aisles
  • Can be used in intermediate levels due to low floor loading
  • With the built-in charger, the vehicle can be charged decentrally and flexibly

Environmental Responsibility

  • No battery gassing, therefore gentle for the operator and environment
  • Low noise emissions