ECH 12

Li-ion premium version. Powerful 0.65 kWh motor with large drive wheel and our innovative power package. Compact with the highest availability and flexibility for your application.
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Battery Capacity20 Ah
Load Capacity1200 kg
Lifting Height110 mm
Speed With/Without Load4.5 km/h

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The STILL ECH 12 is an intelligent electric alternative to hand pallet trucks and is ideal for occasional use on even floors (e.g in supermarkets). With its maintenance-free li-ion drive, you can effortlessly lift and carry up to 1,200kg. The li-ion battery is simply inserted into the vehicle and can be replaced in seconds. With its low capacity of only 130kg and the most compact dimensions in its class, this low platform forklift is also ideally suited for truck transportation.


  • The most compact powered pallet truck in its class
  • Highest availability thanks to maintenance-free li-ion battery
  • Always accurately informed via the multifunction display: battery charge level, operating hours and service instructions
  • High rotation speed thanks to a load capacity of 1200kg and a powerful 0.65 kW traction motor with a large 210mm drive wheel

Technical data

More Information
Battery Capacity20 Ah
Load Capacity1200 kg
Lifting Height110 mm
Fork Width685 mm
Height1190 mm
Total Width560 mm
Total Length1540 mm
Speed With/Without Load4.5 km/h
Ground Clearance27 mm
Product Weight130 kg


  • Efficient load handling: up to 1200kg
  • Powerful, reliable and maintenance-free drive motor with a power output of 0.65 kW
  • Powerful: up to three hours of operation with a li-ion battery
  • Extremely accessible: The li-ion battery has a high energy content and can be recharged quickly and easily


  • Ergonomic and intuitive operation. Driving, lifting and steering can be controlled simultaneously with one hand
  • Electric drive and lifting for ergonomic work
  • Standard li-Ion battery for quick and easy battery replacement: li-Ion battery weighs only 3.7kg


  • Optimal driver protection: sensitive and optimally positioned driving switch
  • A closed li-ion battery does not release any gases from the battery
  • Best view of the fork tips for safe transportation of goods
  • Unique keyless access prevents unauthorised entry


  • Fatigue-free operation thanks to smooth and precise control
  • Rounded forks make it easy to retrieve pallets
  • Full control: vibration-free and precisely adjustable acceleration.
  • Precise even in tight spaces thanks to compact design
  • Everything is always within sight: The multifunctional display includes service instructions and information on working hours and battery charge levels


  • Large rotation of pallets: Compact dimensions for quick and safe working
  • Working in tight spaces: Smooth lines and compact dimensions enable efficient working.
  • A small turning radius of only 1,390mm

Environmental Responsibility

  • Low operating costs: Low energy consumption and long service intervals
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to li-ion battery
  • Almost no noise emissions due to the very quiet drive and lifting motor


20 Ah Battery

20 Ah li-ion battery with external charger. The battery can be charged at any time.