ECU 15 C

High turnover of goods. High flexibility and easy handling.
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Battery Capacity85 Ah
Load Capacity1500 kg
Lifting Height 115 mm
Speed With/Without Load4.6 km/h
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Designed for efficient transportation of goods over short distances, this compact and manoeuvrable storage aid lifts up to 1,500kg - and weighs just 200kg. The STILL ECU 15 C is therefore perfectly suited for use on intermediate levels, in freight elevators or as a truck-mounted device. Thanks to the integrated charger, the low-platform truck can be supplied with fresh energy almost anywhere. Two support wheels promise increased lateral stability. With electric driving, lifting and lowering, the ECU 15 C is the perfect machine to replace manually-operated hand pallet trucks.


  • Safe and precise thanks to optimum visibility of the forks via the clear-view mast
  • High turnover of goods thanks to compact dimensions and a small turning radius
  • Ready for action at all times. The built-in charger guarantees optimum availability and decentralised charging
  • No water refilling necessary with maintenance-free 85 Ah lead gel batteries

Technical data

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Battery Capacity85 Ah
Aisle Width2214 mm
Ground Clearance37 mm
Load Capacity1500 kg
Product Weight200 kg
Lifting Height 115 mm
Speed With/Without Load4.6 km/h
Lifting Speed With/Without Load30/53 mm/s
Lowering Speed With/Without Load49/36 mm/s
Height1170 mm
Fork Width540 mm
Fork Length1150 mm
Turning Radius1540 mm
Total Width574 mm
Total Length1660 mm


  • Full of power: Powerful, reliable and low-maintenance drive motor with 24-volt technology
  • Transports goods with a total weight of up to 1,500kg
  • Strong and reliable due to robust frame construction


  • Ergonomic and intuitive operation: driving, lifting and steering operations can be controlled by both left and right handed people with just one hand.
  • Fatigue-free working thanks to the ergonomically shaped tiller head


  • Maximum operator safety thanks to the deep-drawn frame
  • High driver safety due to automatic braking when the drawbar is released


  • Compact and manoeuvrable: Problem-free working in confined spaces and in narrow working passages
  • Precise load handling: Low profile provides optimum visibility of fork tips
  • Smooth running rollers for quick and easy pallet retrieval
  • Protects the load: Sensitive drive control


  • High pallet turnover: Compact dimensions allow fast and safe working
  • Compact and manoeuvrable: Fast working even in confined spaces and in narrow working passages
  • Fast and precise: Rounded forks facilitate easy threading into pallets

Environmental Responsibility

  • Hardly any noise emissions due to the very quiet drive motor
  • Over 95% of all materials used are recyclable
  • Emission-free operation