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  1. RX 50-13
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    Battery Capacity805 Ah
    Load Capacity1250 kg
    Speed With/Without Load12.0/12.5 km/h
    RX 50-13
    The greatest of the small.

    incl. Top Cover with LED, Blue Spot, Beacon, Reverse Alarm
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STILL electric forklift trucks - invest in the best

Versatile, efficient and environmentally friendly, STILL's electric forklift truck range is based on nearly 100 years of expertise in electrics and warehouse vehicles. STILL's electric trucks benefit from emission-free propulsion and performance that is on par with diesel trucks, with substantially lower maintenance costs and without generating CO2. STILL's electric counterbalanced forklifts are recognised in major industry competitions as the most environmentally friendly intralogistics vehicle, giving you piece of mind for the future. With long operation times, enormous reliability and adjustable driving characteristics, electric forklifts are the ideal choice for modern logistics.

RX 50-13 electric forklift truck - the e-forklift bestseller

The award-winning STILL RX 50-13 is one of the world's best-selling three-wheeled forklift and is renowned throughout the warehousing and logistics industry for its high-quality, reliability and low running costs. With a driving speed of up to 12 km/h and driving programmes that allow the user to switch between maximum handling performance and optimum efficiency, the RX 50-13 is perfectly designed for power and precision in the warehouse.

The greatest of the small electric forklifts

The perfect addition to the STILL electric forklift truck family, the RX 50-13 smart electric forklift truck now sets new standards when it comes to transporting heavy goods weighing between 1.0 and 1.6 tonnes. The on-board display makes it easy to monitor energy consumption and shows operators how many hours of use the truck has left using the current driving programme. It boasts sufficient energy for multi-shift operations too, with a high battery capacity and lateral battery replacement. The RX 50 is a fantastic all-rounder in tight working areas, both over short and long distances, and is ideally suited for combined indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect forklift truck for a range of applications.